"Wait Until I Blow B*tch"

June 4, 2010

The Prelude...

This past Saturday marked the most historic and legendary "Air Up There" we've ever seen. "The Battle Of The Bands" was the event; and the place was packed. Not to mention the final Battle between "Doc Waffles" and "Phenom". But before it all went down; there was alot of shiiiiiiiiiiit talkin' by the competition. Here's the video "Shit talkin' recap"...or "promotion" if you will... from the events that led up to the legendary "Battle Of The Bands"

"Phresh Heir"

"Scene 3"

"Doc Waffles"

You know we had to get involved....hit that ass with the "Yes Man Cypher" (okay nigga...then what!?)

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