"Wait Until I Blow B*tch"

June 11, 2010

CSF: The Funny Filez...."The Predictable Ass Bars Cypher"

Unfortunatley I couldn't be a part of this because I was stuck at the crib...but my CSF homies held it down...funniest niggaz in America. Buuuuut this is for the wack ass rappers with predictable ass bars...We gave you "The Annoying Ass Yes Man Cypher", now get ready for the "Predictable Ass Bars Cypher"....it's about to drop...roller coaster... :( (wack ass bars.


  1. Lol!!!!! Dog this shit is stoooopid! lmao...

  2. I LMAO every time I see this! You guys are awesome. Cant wait until the world knows!