"Wait Until I Blow B*tch"

June 4, 2010

"The Air Up There"...Battle Of The Bands (Winner Sh*t)

Okay. So "The Air Up There" was birthed by Sheefy Mcfly; and is currently the biggest and most legendary monthly event that our generation of Hip Hop has ever seen in the city. Every last Saturday of the month it goes down. But this past Saturday it was huge...a "Battle Of The Bands" to crown the best group in Detroit. The city lights were on as Detroit's best young talent got ready for battle. The crews present were; Phresh Heir, Thesarus, Scene 3, FreshMen, Us (CSF), and TGL (Great Lakers). Not to mention the battle between Phenom and Doc Waffles that would take place later that night. We had "TGL" first. And I gotta'admit, after goin' heads up with those dudes Im'a big fan of their music. Crazy dope. The CSF Vs. TGL match-up was probably the best first round battle since the Celtics/Bulls first round series in 2009. The winner was decided by the crowd's level of noise, and after the first punches were thrown...we were at a stand-off. Overtime it was. After the overtime, we came out on top and advanced to the next round. But i aint gonna lie...I find myself throwin' up the little "TGL" sh#t every now and then (good shit bro's). After the battle between Us and TGL, the final battle between bitter foe's "Doc Waffles" and "Phenom" took place. These two cats have squared off the last couple months in some of the most hilarious and dope battles we've ever seen, and this was the last one to settle it all. I aint gon' lie...we stepped out to map out our "plan of attack" for the next round so we missed it and are waiting of some damn video footage to pop up. But "Doc Waffles" came out on top again giving him a 2-1 edge over "Phenom" in their rivalry.
Next...Phresh Heir and Thesarus went head to head. Phresh Heir played live for the whole night...shit was crazy as hell. It was too much for Thesarus and they got bounced out. Thesarus is dope as hell though, they're a couple of under-rated cats; I saw them perform before at a Pac-Div concert after party. But after that; it was Scene 3 Vs. Freshmen...and Scene 3 put them out despite the crowd cheering "Freshmen, Freshmen." It was hilarious because Wimpy said..."I've never heard any of their music what are they gonna' do...Freestyle with no beats?" And...thats exactly what they did...and they won. That left 3 crews standing. Us (CSF), Phresh Heir, and Scene 3. After doin one song a piece...the crowd decided that it would be Us Vs. Phresh Heir for the crown.
The championship round was hype as hell...everybody was sweatin' and all that...real dope performers up there for the crown. But in the end...WE came out on top and got crowned the best group in Detroit. Big ups and mad love to all the crews that came out...and Phresh Heir for being probably the only Hip Hop group...that is their own band...craaaaaazy...."Oh yeah...Robin A Collins is the sssshhhhh...:D...she's responsible for all the dope Photo Action....

"Wait Until I Blow B*tch"

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